Cool Communications


Digital signage is a cool way to communicate a message. It impresses your audience while bringing an effectiveness unparalleled by other forms of communication. Use it as a menu board, lobby greeter, directory system or add touch to showcase products or get customers to sign up for newsletters.

Engage Your Audience

Our Buffalo-based news & entertainment programming adds an important ingredient to your programming. It grabs the attention of your audience and gets them watching the display. This results in getting your important messages noticed.


the community netowrk simple signage

Simple Signage

Cool looking messages delivered from a USB flash drive. An economical solution that’s great for content that’s only update quarterly or less often. Great for menu boards and directories.


YMCA lobby display

Connected Signage

Driven by a media player behind the display which is connected to the Internet. Utilize live news and entertainment feeds to get your audience watching.


Costanzos menu board

Multi-Display Signage

Use multiple displays in a myriad of configurations to communicate your messages in an impressive way.


northtown auto touchscreen kiosk

Interactive Touch

From hardened public use systems to inexpensive tablet-based solutions for a wide range of uses.


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